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How does your school work optimally internally and with partners and services - to enable all pupils to thrive* and flourish**?

For school leaders and school system leaders, for education leads.

To thrive*: to grow or develop well or vigorously; to be successful

To flourish**: to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment

We offer a diagnostic review of a school, its own internal systems and approaches,  and its links with local partners to evaluate how well it works to support pupils at risk of exclusion and prevent exclusions/suspensions. The review includes making recommendations that will improve school wide systems,  the support given to vulnerable pupils and develop the coordination and effectiveness of joint work to reduce suspensions and exclusions.




The diagnostic review will evaluate:

  • alignment of aims of the school and local partnerships including how these approach aspiration, belonging, anti-racism, empowering families, health, safeguarding, preparing for adulthood, early intervention

  • how behaviour and inclusion policies are meeting the vision and objectives of the school

  • how professional knowledge and expertise is shared across the school at all staff levels re: SEND, including SEMH, and the effectiveness of information sharing about individual pupils, including e.g. impact of trauma

  • leadership in the school and its links with local systems, including PRUs,  to support pupils at risk of exclusion or multiple suspensions

  • how pupils with special educational needs are assessed, supported and educated

  • how families are empowered to support their pupils through any times of challenge

  • how your mainstream school, special schools and alternative provision work together to create a seamless network of provision 

  • how to optimise early, focused intervention by school or other professionals to support a child or family in need

  • how joined up team intervention for more complex pupils works optimally to support  their inclusion and success

  • how your school links with Children’s services, police and voluntary groups

  • how well data is used across the school to shape and inform actions to support pupils

  • value for money of spend on pupils who are excluded or vulnerable to exclusion


No review is the same but in general the review for a 1200 pupil school would encompass 1 days preparation work reviewing documentation, 2 days in person field work meeting pupils, families and a range of professionals, 2 days follow up report writing and providing at least one in person feedback meeting. Reviews can be tailored to meet school circumstances.

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