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How does the children and education system work optimally  - to enable all children to thrive* and flourish** - in a local partnership?

For Chief Executives of LAs, Directors of children Services, DfE directors + Directors of Education

To thrive*: to grow or develop well or vigorously; to be successful

To flourish**: to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment

We offer a diagnostic review of local area partnerships and roles to evaluate how well systems and partners work to support children at risk of exclusion and prevent exclusions. 

The diagnostic review will evaluate:

  • the current alignment of aims of the local children and education partnerships including how these approach aspiration, belonging, anti-racism, empowering families, health, safeguarding, preparing for adulthood, early intervention

  • how the work with children at risk of exclusion is led across the area

  • how partnerships work to ensure clear strong aligned professional collaboration, including working with different levels of school leadership (head, pastoral deputy, SENCO) in the area

  • how mainstream schools, special schools and alternative provision work together to provide a seamless network of provision - with a particular focus on alternative provision in preparation for Ofsted’s thematic reviews

  • how children with special educational needs are assessed, supported and provided for if they are at risk of exclusion

  • how families are empowered to support their children through any times of challenge

  • how early focused intervention from a single service supports a child or family in need to deal with challenges and to prevent escalation of difficulty

  • the effectiveness of inter-agency team collaboration in supporting and including children with more complex needs

  • how well data is used at different tiers of the partnership to shape and inform actions to support children

  • value for money of high needs spend on children who are excluded or vulnerable to exclusion

Included process.PNG

No review is the same but in general the review would encompass 3 days preparation work reviewing documentation, 3 to 4 days in-person field work meeting children, families and a range of professionals, 3 to 4 days follow up report writing and providing at least one in person feedback meeting. The report will include recommendations.

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